We support any households aged 16 and over who live in Oxfordshire and who want to make their home a smokeFREE environment.

Our service provides up to 12 weeks of support to help make your home and car smokeFREE.
Your smoke can harm the people and pets who live with you and breathe it in.

If you smoke at home

Your smoke can harm the people who live with you. When they breathe in your cigarette smoke:

  • They are more at risk of smoking-related illnesses like heart and lung disease, stroke and breathing problems.
  • Babies and children are most prone to chest infections and meningitis. If they have asthma, their symptoms will get worse. Babies are also more at risk of cot death and an ear infection called glue ear.
  • Pregnant women are more at risk of premature birth. Their baby is more likely to be born a low weight and unwell.
  • Pets suffer from a lot of the same conditions as humans do from passive smoking. Toxins in tobacco smoke can damage your pet’s cells. This can mean they’re more at risk of certain types of cancer including lung, nose, mouth cancers and lymphoma

Get FREE help to give up smoking now.
It’s the best thing you can do for your health and your family’s.
Call us free on 0800 122 3790 and start your journey.

Smoking is often part of the daily routine for many workers, which can make it difficult to break the habit and quit.

Research suggests that the majority of people that smoke would like help to stop, and they are 34% more likely to quit when someone they work with stops.

Not only does this emphasise the influence that social networks have on one’s own smoking behaviour but also demonstrates how the workplace is an ideal environment which can help develop a culture that supports smoking quit attempts.

Whatever size your business is, there are real benefits from investing in the health of employees:

• Increased productivity at work
• Reduced sickness absence
• Improved staff morale
• Pleasant working environment
• Good corporate image

If you’re an employer interested in supporting staff to stop smoking,
we provide FREE help and support.

Call us free on 0800 122 3790


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