There are lots of reasons and benefits to stopping smoking. As well as saving money, you will see health benefits right away!

When you stop smoking you’ll find that your body and your brain go through a series of positive changes, day by day, week by week. Your body can recover, you’ll look better, have more energy and feel healthier all round.

20 mins

Your pulse and heart rate drops as soon as you’ve finished your last cigarette. Your blood pressure starts to return to normal.

12 hours

Your body flushes the carbon monoxide found in cigarettes from your body. Levels return to normal and your oxygen levels increase.

1 day

As your blood pressure drops your circulation improves. You’ve already reduced your risk of heart disease from high blood pressure caused by smoking.

3 days

Any nicotine in your body will now be gone completely. You may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms, but these will soon pass.

1 month

As your lungs heal you may notice less coughing and shortness of breath. You could also find it easier to do exercise.

9 months

By this time, your lungs will have significantly healed. Cilia (like small hairs) inside your lungs will have recovered from the effects of cigarette smoke.

1 year

When you’ve quit smoking for a year. Your risk of coronary heart disease will half. It will continue to decrease too.

5 years

Your arteries and blood vessels begin to widen again now that they’ve healed. You’ve lowered your risk of blood clots and having a stroke.

10 years

At the 10 year mark, you’ve cut your chances of dying from lung cancer in half, and dramatically reduced your likelihood of getting mouth, throat or pancreatic cancer.

15 years

Your chances of developing heart disease are the same as someone who has never smoked. Your chances of getting pancreatic cancer are the same as a non-smoker too.

20 years

Your risk of dying from a smoking-related cause - like lung disease or cancer - is now as low as someone who has never smoked a cigarette in their life.


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