Stop for Life Oxon has been created to help you quit smoking in Oxfordshire through our free three-level support service.

There are so many health, financial and social benefits that smokers can enjoy when they kick the habit. Smoking is highly-addictive and each and every person has their own way of coping when they try and give up.

Some people are able to quit smoking easily. Some find the journey so much harder, and need varying levels of support to help them kick the habit for good.

That’s where we come in. Stop for Life Oxon has been commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council to help Oxfordshire’s smokers quit cigarettes for good.

And, as each and every person has different preferences and needs when they’re looking to quit smoking, our Oxfordshire-based service has been split into three different support levels to help people, whatever stage they’re at in their journey.

Looking to quit smoking in Oxfordshire but feel you have the willpower to do it yourself? We’re still here to help; our free Best-You app features digital content such as tips and advice, and a tracker designed to help keep you on the straight-and-narrow.

Our Level 2 service draws on Oxfordshire-based local support systems and experts specifically designed to help people quit smoking.

Again, free to access, our Level 2 service will match you with an Oxfordshire-based health coach to provide you with motivational support through our Best-You app as you try to quit smoking, as well as providing a quit plan, tracker, and advice on Nicotine Replacement Treatment.

For those in Oxfordshire who are finding it really hard to quit, our Level 3 service provides specialist support, including email, phone and face-to-face support as well as free NRT support, direct from the service (subject to eligibility).

Oxfordshire County Council is hoping that Oxfordshire can become smoke-free by 2025, which will help create the county’s entirely first smoke-free generation.

Our service is free and available to anyone of any age, no matter how long you’ve been smoking – whether you’ve recently picked up the habit or are looking to break free from decades of smoking cigarettes.

Stop for Life Oxon is always by your side in your journey to helping you finally kicking the habit and enjoying a smoke-free future.